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CrococryptFile is a little and unobtrusive file encryption device that produces encrypted archives of arbitrary data and files.

CrococryptFile is a collection which includes the immediate following: Password-based encryption (next PBKDF2) with AES-256, Microsoft windows Keystore based encryption making use of RSA secrets and AES-256, and GPG/OpenPGP secret based encryption with AES-256.

In various ways the encryption options that come with CrococryptFile might be when compared with a ZIP energy, which utilizes ZIP’s AES encryption, but you can find differences when considering the 2. CrococryptFile, as an example, encrypts all file and folder information including file brands, time/date and quality information, looked after disguises any information for the archive’s content, because all information and meta-data is probably built-into a huge file dump.

Overall, CrococryptFile is an extremely of use device that reliably enables you to encode crucial data and thus renders all of them inaccessible to virtually any various other unauthorized people. The energy enables you to include specific data to a password-protected archive, that the encodes the file title, time/date, plus the quality information. While the application combines using the Microsoft windows Explorer framework selection, you may right-click in the desired file and begin the encoding procedure.

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